It’s that time again.  Monday, and I did two challenges this week.  For more info and to play in this week’s challenge,  go here.  It is hosted by Erin at The Bright Owl blogspot; and it’s a lot of fun.  No judging, no pressure, just play.   Now on to the challenge.  First, here is her drawing that she provided for us to play with.

This week’s challenge added something extra.  We were asked to do something that represented either Mexico or the ocean.  I decided to do both.  The first one is “Mexico”.

ZigZag border var., Striping, Crescent Moon, and some fill patterns I think I made up. If they belong to somebody, please let me know.

For this one I decided to use color to portray the bright, tropical colors found in pinatas, and in some of the brightly colored pottery and blankets found in Mexican art.  I drew the tangles with colored pigment pens from Staedtler, and added light colors with Prisma Pencils.

Tangles: Cockles and Mussels, Squid, Sanibelle, Tearce, Nipa Variation.

This second one , show above,  is my favorite, and I chose tangles that I thought represented the ocean or sea.  I started with Cockles and Mussels, then added Squid to the center, and Sanibelle in the half circles.  They all represent sea life to me.  I then added Tearce, which reminds me of the pattern left in the sand by receding waves on the shore.  Finally I added a variation if Nipa, using dotted lines instead of solid wavy lines.  This represents air bubbles in the ocean under the surface.

I hope you like them, and will leave me a comment to let me know you were here.

Until next time, Let’s Tangle!