Okay, it’s time for another challenge from “I am the Diva”.  This week, the challenge is to use one other color besides black and white; namely BROWN.  That’s a great challenge.  I have a brown pen, and it’s one of my favorite colors to work with. I think I did about five drawings today with brown, but I’ve picked the two I like the best to show you.  Before I do that, though, I want to remind you to hop over to the Diva’s blog spot, here, check out the rules and enter your own drawing, or at least peek at all the other entries.  They are all worth looking at.

The first entry I’m featuring is an actual zentangle, on a 3.5″ tile, done all in brown and shaded in brown.

Tangles: Cadent, Pokeroot, Brayd, Zander, Keeko and Tipple

That one went together rather quickly and is a really traditional type of tile.  I think it was the second one I did.  But I decided to do something a little more challenging, and for that I went to one of my favorite string types which is interlapping circles.  It is shown below.

Tangles: Purk, Strircles, Striping, Struzzle, Printemps and Rick’s Paradox.

This one is on a 5 x 7 inch tile, drawn in both black and brown and shaded entirely in brown.  Rick’s Paradox was an afterthought, because when I looked at it before I added that bottom piece, I thought it looked top heavy, or bottom heavy, depending on which way you turned it.  I thought that addition balanced the piece.  Thanks for stopping by, don’t forget to let me know you were here, and don’t forget to go see all the entries.  You’d be missing out.

Until next time, Let’s Tangle!