First of all, to join in the fun, and see all the gorgeous art submitted for this challenge, don’t forget to stop by here!  This is the first time a tangle almost “did me in”.  I was having so much trouble drawing a pea-nuckle that looked anything like a pea-nuckle for days that I finally put it away for a couple of days, and then came back.  Before I started, I looked at some of the entries that were there.  I haven’t made any comments yet, but I will, soon as I get these up.  But I want to make a special thank you to three people right here.  First, to Cris, from  Tangled Up In for her very helpful hints and video on how to draw Pea-Nuckle.  Only after I had studied those two places several times was I able to do a pea-nuckle that looked like Molly’s pea-nuckle.  I’m glad I decided to persevere, because I hate to admit defeat.  And now, instead of being frustrated, I can relax and enjoy the process.  I still need a lot of practice, and it may not be one that I use really often, but I do like it now!!  Here is the first one done on a tile that I did after reading Cris’s tips and watching her video.

Tangles: Pea-Nuckle, Msst, Pendrills, Ennies, Tipple, and a Striping variation

The next person I want to thank is Lee Anne, also known as ledenzer, for her wonderfully informative tutorial on how she colors.  I’m always in awe of her colored ZIA’s.  And I am trying to learn to use my Prisma pencils like she shows us.  Also need lots of practice on that.  But here’s my second entry, a 4″ x 6″ ZIA.

Tangles: Pea-Nuckle and variations, Organza, Ennies, and line work.

On this one, the regular pea-nuckles are accompanied by three variation attempts.  One of them (the one attached to the purple lines) I tried to do without spaces between the ess shapes.  It didn’t work out so well, so I enclosed each curve and turned it into a circle, so it’s no longer anything that resembles a pea-nuckle.  The rest of it is ok.

And lastly, here is the very first pea-nuckle I did.  After I did this one, for about three days I couldn’t do one even as good as this one.  I probably did about 10 of them before I gave up, rested, and then watched Cris’s video and read her tips.

Tangles: Pea-nuckle and variations, Verdigogh, Tipple

The pea-nuckle in the lower left is pretty pathetic, but the others aren’t too bad, but then I couldn’t do it again after I did this one.  Go figure.

One more very special thanks to the Diva, for challenging us to do things we might not be comfortable with at first.

Until next time, Let’s Tangle!