For information on how to enter this challenge, go here.  While you are there, be sure to leave some love for all the gorgeous art work displayed.

For this week Erin asked us to use her zendala drawing to spell out the word L-O-V_E; using only tangles that began with those four letters.  This kind of challenge forces us to “think” a bit, and plan a little before we start.  You can’t just start with one tangle, and then put whatever you think would look good with it next.  It’s fun for a change to do something different.  The only other time I did this was when I tangled my name.  That was so much fun I did it three times, each different.  For this challenge I did two.  Here’s the first one>

For this zendala I used Linked around the outside, Onomato, Vache, and Efilys.  I had never drawn Vache before and think it’s lovely, with so many opportunities for variations.  I thought of Linked first, because in my mind I could see two lives linked together in Love.

Here’s the second one I drew.  It is drawn in purple Micron 01 pen.

This one uses Lotsadots, Opus, Vortex, and a variation of Embellish.  The story I told myself about this one is that in the vortex of life,  our lives and work are embellished best with Love.

Hope you like them, and will leave me a note letting me know you were here.  Now I’m off to to leave comments for all the artists who participated.  Until next time, Let’s Tangle.