Hey, guys, I finally got some help on how to do links and stuff, so there’s a link to the bright owl on the right side, if you want to join in on all the fun.  This is the ninth dare, and I had a blast with it.  It’s funny how I take a look at the template, wonder what the heck I’m going to do with it, start drawing, and something magical starts to happen, as the ink flows.  Here are the two I like the best first.

Tangles: Hollibaugh variation, Betweed, Onomato, and some little guys from Sandy Bartholomew’s Totally Tangled (don’t know their names) done in brown.

Tangles: Ennies, Becki (I think) by Sandy Bartholomew, and sort of caterpillar in the center. Border comes from Totally Tangled.

And here’s the first one I did, both colored and uncolored versions.

I decided I liked the ones with circle shape better, but this one was fun too.  It uses an Eyelet and ribbon variation, In Bloom, Urchins and Caterpillar and some more tangles from Totally Tangled.  Sandy puts some pictures of small tangles up called Dingbat Heaven, but doesn’t name each one.  It’s really a fun book.

Until next time, Let’s Tangle!