This week’s Diva Challenge was to use strings that were eccentric circles.  She gives a definition on her blog;  but basically, they aren’t totally round and/or don’t share the same epicenter, so they are not concentric.    The best thing about these challenges is how it “challenges” us to think outside the box, and how it sparks our creativity.  Thank you, Diva!  More about that later. First here are my entries:

Tangles: Buttercup, Brayd, Purk, Box Spirals, Beeline, Barber Poles, Dex (with an oops) Tipple

This was my first one, and it has a lot of tangles in it, and I sort of used the Diva’s string to start.  But to be honest, when I finished I wasn’t all that happy with it.  I thought it was way too busy, and I couldn’t even tell where any of my string was when I started.  It’s not that I don’t like it, but it sure didn’t turn out the way I intended.  However, since there are no “mistakes” in zentangle, I decided to post it.

The next photo is of the next page in my art journal, where I tried again.

I liked these better, not so busy, and I could see my string.  The one on the left was supposed to be a unitangle of Strircles, but by the time I finished, it looked like I had added a little bit of Crescent Moon and maybe Striping. On the one on the right, there’s Onomato, Striping, a Hollibaugh variation with auras, Reticulated, and another one on the lower right which I don’t know the name of, but have seen something similar.  That one was really fun, because I wasn’t really thinking about what to do next, just drawing without looking anything up.  Really relaxing.

Now I want to talk about what I think is the really best part of these challenges…..stretching your creativity.  While I was working on the second drawing, I kept thinking of Saturn and it’s rings.  It didn’t really fit the challenge, so I tried hard not to think about it, but the thoughts wouldn’t go away.  So, I finally took a pause on the challenge, and drew this:

I  used a coffee cup to make the center circle, then drew the rings.  I know Saturn has more rings, and they aren’t so wide, so I’ll call this Zen-Saturn.  Only has four tangles, that cool 3D Beeline, Hollibaugh, Onomato, and Striping.  Really fun to do, because once the circle was drawn and the rings sketched (strings), NO THINKING!  Again, though, it spurred my creative juices.  Beeline really resembles a quilt pattern I’ve done called “Baby Blocks”.  It’s also an optical illusion if you piece all the blocks together side by side and in rows.  It’s made of a square, and two parallelograms. I found my pattern to get the approximate dimensions, and I’m going to make a baby card.  It’s not finished, but here’s the start:

I’ll finish it on vacation.  We leave tomorrow for six glorious days high up in the mountains at a lake resort for fishing, relaxing, and visiting with family.   Our whole extended family goes, four generations, six cabins full, and we have a blast!  We’ve been doing it annually for 40 years.

So now I’m off to look at many entries as I have time for tonight; and I’ll be back next Wednesday, by which time a new challenge will already have been up for several days!  The one thing we don’t have at the cabin is cell reception or wi-fi.  (That’s supposed to be a good thing.) We do have satellite TV though, so we can watch the US Open.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you leave a comment, thanks in advance. I’ll be eager to read them when I get back.  Until next time, happy tangling.