I was a little afraid I wouldn’t make it this week, and I normally do two, but I’m going to post this one in case I don’t get a second one done.

Tangles, Beelines, Strircles, and Ahh plus a little line work.

When I started filling in this zendala I didn’t have a theme in mind, and I started at the outside and drew beelines.  I had just recently learned this tangle and absolutely loved the three dimensional look of it.  Next I looked at the smaller triangles, and thought they looked like airplanes, missiles, or rockets.  I outlined them, and then saw the little communication thingies that Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock wore on their uniforms.  Yes, I know that dates me, but I still remember the Ed Sullivan Show, What’s My Line, and when TV was only on several hours a day, lol.  Once I completed that, I drew the Strircles to represent moons, or planets  in the Universe.  The last tangle was Ahh, because it reminds me of stars.

Actually a fairly simple one to do, and maybe I’ll have time to do another one.

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If you stopped by, let me know; I love to read your comments.  Until next time, Happy Tangling.