Erin provided us with another beautiful template for the zendala dare.  This one will be one of my favorites, because there’s a lot of open space, which allows a lot more (at least for me) latitude in choosing tangles.  Here is the first one I did.

The tangles I used were Ixorus and Fife.  The leaves I’m not sure what to call.  I know they are part of Ennies, but I’ve seen them alone so many times, and I’m sorry if it’s somebody’s tangle I’m not giving credit to.  The other two areas are filled with line work (Laura’s Auras?).  It’s drawn with Micron 01 pen, and shaded with a pencil and dots done with the Micron.

For the second one, I decided to add color.

 This one uses Drupe and Ennies, both official Zentangles, Coaster by Carole Ohl, Fern by Jane Monk, and Buttercup by Sandy Steen Bartholomew.  The leafy ivy was also “borrowed” from Sandy’s book: Totally Tangled.  The finished zendala was colored with Staedtler triplus fineliners, and Prismacolor Wax Pencils.

Both of these tiles were copied onto watercolor paper, so I used the lines in the template.  If I have time, now I’m going to do a graphite transfer and play some more.  I’ve totally fallen in love with Zendalas, and I’m planning on doing some coasters as Christmas gifts as soon as I figure out what to draw them on.  I’m wondering if anybody has ever done them on some very thick paper or cardboard, colored them and then laminate them and put cork on the back..  I know that will work with book marks, (without the cork)  but I’m not sure it would be sturdy enough to hold up as a coaster.

I hope you will let me know you were here; the comments make my day.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  To participate in these dares hop over Erin’s blog.  There’s a link on my blog roll.  Now I’m off to go look at the great art submitted by all the other artists.