This week is a very special challenge, dedicated to Rho Densmore, CZT; creator of the tangle.    Fiore di Pietro tangle is a beautiful loving tribute to Rho’s brother-in-law.  Please go to the Diva Site to learn more about this and other challenges.  Rho has asked for permission to use our zentangles, ZIA’s and zendalas to create books for the immediate family.  A special note to Rho:  My deepest sympathies and I would be honored if you chose to use any of the pieces that end up on this post.  I. too, know the pain of loss, having lost my Father, my Mother, and two younger brothers within the past two years.

This first one I’ve called “The Lives We Touch”.  I decided to do a zendala, because circles and spheres speak to me of eternity.  In this piece, the outside lines connecting each of the Fiore di Pietro’s represents the ties that bind us to others in our lives.  It can be the bond of love, or blood, or friendship, beliefs, and common interests just to name a few.  The auras on the inside of the lines speaks to me of our sphere of influence.  Be it narrow or wide, who we are and what we do influences others.  I hope you will enjoy using all our art for your tribute to Pete.

If I have time, I will do another tile using this beautiful tangle.  Until next time Happy Tangling.