This is an exciting challenge; because the tangle is brand new, step-out instructions were just introduced, so we’re all “beginners” if you get my drift.  I did one ZIA before I knew this was this week’s challenge, and I’ll show that last, but first I want to show you the new ones I did after I read about the challenge.  This is my latest one, and the most ambitious:

As you can see, it’s an obvious ZIA, original is 6″ x 9″, and I used not only Auraknot, but Sandra Strait’s ribbons, tipples, verdigough, Sandy Bartholomew’s beedz, and a new tangle I drew for this, which I’ll call bulbz.  It’s done on watercolor paper with Micron pens, and colored with sharpie colored pens and watercolor pencils.  The background is sponged ink from ink pads.  It’s my “Christmas in July” drawing, which will possibly be used for some hand-made Christmas cards this year.  I’ve made two cards, one 5 x 7 inches, one a size A2, shown below.

I’m not sure if they’ll get used as is or be recolored in ways I like better.  I saved an uncolored copy so I can change it if I want to.

Here are three more that I did, one is a monotangle on a zentangle  , the other two are on “scraps” of scrapbooking paper left over from the zendala dare this week and they have some color added.

The one on the top left has “Ahh” added, and the one on the right has some little circles and the ribbon that Maria did on one of her tiles.  I don’t know what to call the middle flower; it just shows part of the lines that were on the template.

And here’s the last one which I actually drew for the zendala challenge over at the Bright Owl.  It’s Erin’s template, and when I first saw auraknot, I knew it would look good on this zendala template , so I drew it.

I hope you like what I did this week, and I hope you’ll leave a comment.  I actually got done on the second day of the challenge, so I’ll have lots of time to look at all the other entries.  So can you, just grab the link on the right and hop on over to The Diva Challenge.  In the meantime, happy tangling.