This challenge at Erin’s The Bright Owl I found to be a real challenge.  However, I love challenges, so I took it on.  The first one I’m showing is actually the third one I did, and the one I personally like the best.  I’ll explain why in this post.

I transferred this one so that I could ignore some of the circle shapes if I wanted to.  The published tangles I used were Becki by Sandy Bartholomew in her book “Yoga on the Brain”, and Organza by Ruth Howell.  After that, I just drew lines, did some fill, and added some watercolor.  I like the effect, but the problem I ran into with this template, was knowing what to put in all those circles.  This speaks “organic” to me, and I spent a lot of time looking for tangles I thought would look right, and I flunked so I just colored them in.   However, don’t get me wrong; I do like the look of this finished zentangle, although maybe it should have Ixorus or something like that in the center.

Next is the first one I drew.  There are things I liked, and things I didn’t like, and I’ll explain after I display the tile.

This tile was copied in photoshop, lightening the lines slightly, but evidently not enough; because the circles couldn’t be ignored, so I used them.  The published tangles I used were Flutter Pie by Carole Ohl and Becki again, by Sandy Bartholomew.  The leaf or petal shapes with the stamens I drew I don’t know what to call.  Those leaf/petal shapes show up all over the place, in Ennies, in Totally Tangled and Yoga for the Brain by Sandy Bartholomew, and in several of Suzanne McNeill’s books, just to name a few.  These leaves/petals are used in many, many tangles.  I added the stamens, and I’m not going to name this it is so common.  But I really like to draw it.  The one thing I didn’t like much was that the visible circles constricted the shape of the Becki petals, and I felt they didn’t end up looking like flowers.  I may go back later and put a tangle in the center; not sure yet.  This one  is what caused me to draw the one I showed first, by transfer, creating lighter lines, and allowing more freedom in the use of Becki.

The third one, is actually unfinished, and I’m not sure when I’ll get back to it.  Got other things to do.  I just received my new set of Sakura Micron 01 colored pens, so I broke them out and used them to do this one.  It’s on the full size tile, and measures about 8″ square.

Okay, so I got a little carried away with trying out my pens, too many colors, makes it too busy.  Also after drawing Y.A.F. (yet another flower) from Yoga for the Brain by Sandy Bartholomew, and those leaf/petals again, and Stipples, I ran out of steam.  I ended up putting in some swirls in red.   Haven’t had time to finish coloring it in, and this one definitely needs something in the center, and maybe something around the outside edge.  It will go in my “unfinished” hold file, and I’ll look at it in the future and see what I might do.

That’s it for me this week; and I hope you’ll let me know you stopped by.  Any suggestions for improvement would also be appreciated.  Don’t forget to grab the link on the right and go on over to The Bright Owl and look at all the wonderful submissions.  Until next time, Happy Tangling!