This week’s challenge is brought to us by a guest, Rho Densmore, a CZT, who offered to run it while The Diva and her family are in Philadelphia.  Rho selected the 2012 Olympics as the challenge topic, featuring the five rings Olympic symbol.  To read more about the meaning behind the rings, go to the Diva’s website, located here; and while you are there, be sure to look at all the lovely interpretations of this challenge.

For me, this challenge was initially a real “challenge”, because I couldn’t draw those big rings to save my life.  My original intent had been to make the big interconnecting rings, and then tangle them in the colors of the rings.  Bad idea.  I know it’s about the process and not the results in my head, but I just couldn’t show the junk I ended up with.  So, I put it aside for a while, to think about it.  I was reading Suzanne McNeill’s book, Zen Mandalas, when I saw a couple of zendalas in which she had tangled a human hand.  Suddenly, I had my inspiration.  Here is the result.

“The original of this tile, is quite large, about 8 inches, and was drawn by tracing a dinner plate.I used a lot of “non-zentangle” tools to make this, starting with the large circle, which I darkened with a micron pen and scanned into Photoshop.  Then I traced my left hand, darkened it too, and scanned it into Photoshop.  Then I reduced the size of the hand, copied it five times, and rotated them around the outside of the large circle.  That was printed on watercolor paper and represented my “string”.  Next I tackled the five connecting circles.  I found that by making them not so big, and drawing them first in pencil, that I could get them not so wonky, so I darkened them, drew a parallel circle inside, and added an aura all the way around it.  Then I colored them with colored pens.  Next I tangled Chainging all the way around the outside of the hands, connecting them, and added an aura around the hands and the chains to connect everything.  Then I hand printed the name of the five continents represented by the circles in each of the five divisions created by the auras and added the banners.  Only then was I ready to tangle the hands.  I think I used 20 different tangles, so I’m not going to bore you by naming them all.  They all can be found at the tangles patterns website by Linda Farmer.  All that was left to do now was shading.  Simple, huh?  NOT!  I think this particular ZIA zendala took about 6 hours to do.  But I didn’t do it all at once since I could treat each hand as a separate tangle tile, so I did it over two days.  I’m pretty happy with it and I would call it “The Olympics – Connecting the People of the World.  I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Thanks to everybody who has recently stopped by and left me a comment.  I look every day to see if I got any comments.  They make my day.  Now I’m off to see what everybody else did with this great challenge.

And lastly, a big thank you to the Diva, and to Rho, for stepping in so we didn’t miss a week.  Happy Tangling.