This week’s zendala for the dare is simple and sweet.  Here’s what I’ve done so far.

The first one is a duo-tangled piece, using only Betweed and Rick’s Paradox.

This next one I colored with Prismacolor pencils slightly when it was finished.

Tangles: Cheers, Onamato, Auras, Crescent Moon (a variation) and flowers and leaves I saw in Totally Tangled by Sandy Bartholomew.

Here’s a third one done this morning.   I really like this template.

Tangles: Betweed, Umble, Purk, Crescent Moon

And another one.  (Can you tell I’m having a good time with this simple template?

Tangles: Rick’s Paradox, Frickle, Baton, Scallops

Hmm, I see that paradox and/or betweed are in three of four of these tiles.  Sorry, about that; but when I see “triangle” shapes, that’s what comes to mind.

Hope you like my tiles.  I might mention that on this one, I preferred the tile, because it gave me more room to add another tangle.  If you are so inclined, please let me know you were here, and don’t forget to grab the link on the right and head over to The Bright Owl to see all the wonderful entries.

Until next time, Happy Tangling.