Whoopee!  It’s Dare Friday again.  I love Fridays.  Erin always treats us to a new template which we are “dared” to fill up with tangles.  I really like this template.  I’ve already done three, and have printed out one more which I’m going to try to get done and add before the end of the day.  If you want to play along with us, grab the link on the right and head over to Erin’s blog, look at all the art, and download the template so you can play too.  So here are mine so far:

Tangles: Paradox, Betweed,Mooka, Emingle (variation) and Bumps

Friday is always “play day” and I do whatever I want.  But I still try to try out one new tangle I’ve never done before.  Today it’s Bumps by CZT Sue Jacobs.  I don’t think I’ve ever drawn that one before.  This one is on the full size template, but I sized it down to about 5″, and drew it in black 01 micron pen.  Then I sponged blue and purple dye ink over top of the drawing, and added a bit more of blue and purple with prismacolor pencils.  This one went pretty fast.

Next I did a full size template that is approximately 8″ x 8″.

Tangles: Afterglo (variation to fit area) Crescent Moon, Baton, Fans and a variation of either Ennies or Droplets

This one was drawn using a brand new set of Gel pens, some of which have glitter in them.  Unfortunately that doesn’t show up well in the photo.  The new (to me) tangle is Fans, by Suzanne McNeill.  I added some shading with prismacolor pencils, and then sponged the outside edges with first a light green dye ink, followed by black around the very edges.  Baton is quickly becoming one of my favorite tangles to draw.  It doesn’t matter how long or short the lines are, or which direction you draw them in; they always end up looking nice.  And it’s great practice for drawing straight lines.  Three months ago I couldn’t draw a straight line to save my life, lol.

Next I did a zentangle sized tile in black and white.

Tangles: Flutter Pie, Zedbra, Meer and Tipple

The new tangle for me in this one is Zedbra, byCZTs® Margaret Bremner and Laura Harms (Laura is our Zendala queen).   What a fun tangle, and so bold!  I also drew Meer,an official zentangle tangle,  which I’m not sure I’ve ever actually used before.  Fun, fun, fun!

Well, I’m off to see if I can get one more done, and if I do, I’ll add it, and revise this post.

Hi again.  I did do one more and here it is:

Tangles: Striping, Paradox, Betweed, Zander, Onamato (variation, Huggins

In addition to the tangles shown above, there’s some polka dots which I don’t know what to call unless it’s a variation of Tipple, and a little bit of line work.  I hope you’ll let me know you were here, it makes my day every time.  Until next time, Happy Tangling.