Today is Friday, so it’s Zendala Dare Day over at The Bright Owl.  Erin gives us a beautiful template which we are “dared” to fill with tangles.  Here is my first one:

Tangles: Paradox, Ixorus, Ennies Leaves, and some linework.

I don’t normally start with the colored one, but today I was in the mood to try out more of my brand new Prismacolor Premier pencils.  They are so cool, and go on so smoothly.  I also wanted to try the Paradox with the “behind” drawing we do in zentangle, because of all the partial squares.  The rest just looked like it would go with what I had done.  I’ll do one or two more, but it may be a day or two before that happens.  It’s so hot here today that we’re going to go to a movie and then out to dinner to get away from the heat.  Believe me, when it’s 95 degrees in the Seattle area, the humidity makes it feel much hotter.