Well, Saturday rolls around every week and is one of my favorite days, because Erin gives us a brand new zendala template to play with.  I really liked this one with all its angles.  I named this one Wine and Flowers, because it’s made primarily of tangles named for a wine, or tangles that remind me of floral shapes.

The tangles I used starting on the outside edge, are Rose’ by Linda Farmer, Dyon by ZT, Flora by Sandy Bartholomew, then a variation of Zin by Linda Farmer, individual triangles of first steps of Hibred, by ZT, and Drupe in the center, also by ZT.  It is about 7″ in diameter, and took a while to do because of the black fill, but I’m pretty pleased with the results.

Here’s the second one.  This one I transferred so I had a lot more latitude with the design.

I can’t name all the tangles I used, because I did it from memory without looking anything up; and I’m not even sure they are all published tangles.

Next I did one in color.  For this one I decided to do tangles from the new book I just got; Joy of Zentangle.

I made that decision after I did the little leafy vines on the edge, which came from Totally Tangled by Sandy Bartholomew.  The rest of the tangles from outer edge to the center are: Flora, by Sandy Bartholomew, Fronds and Growth, and Tufted Leaves (var) by Suzanne McNeill, Lacy by Sandra Strait, and Dandelion Seeds (var) by Suzanne McNeill.  It is colored with colored pencils.  I hope you will let me know you were here and tell me what you think of my zendalas.

Now I’m heading  to enjoy the art show.  Until next time, Happy Tangling.