This may be the funnest (is that a word? probably not) most fun challenge I’ve done so far.  I’ve seen this tangle in so many, many zentangles and ZIA’s, and always wondered where it came from.  It is a super easy to draw tangle with so much impact, especially as a “go-with” tangle.  I usually don’t post until I have several done, but this being Thanksgiving week here in the United States, and getting ready for a whole family feast of about 20 on Thursday, I thought I better get this one up while I still have a little spare time.  I did a Zentangle Inspired Art piece for this one; making liberal use of Maria’s example in the Zentangle newsletter.  I’ve actually done this kind of ZIA before, with several ZT size tiles partially drawn, and I’ve used the staples and pins before, but today I added Maria’s slash way to incorporate a couple of the tiles.  Way, way fun.  Here it is:

It’s pretty big, 11″ x 5″, and I’m considering having it custom framed, or, more likely doing a second one, where I’m more careful about my shading, or maybe a size that’s more easily framed.  Anyhow, from top to bottom and left to right, these are the tangles besides Zinger I’ve drawn:  1st tile – Oke; 2nd tile – Quipple, Poke Root, Poke Leaf and Fescu; 3rd tile left – Nightsbridge and Florz, 4th tile right – Just Zinger and Orbs, 5th tile – I think I did a “Tango (new term) that is Bunzo morphing into Striping combined with Zander in my cornucopia; then also Fronds, Verdigogh, Tipple, and then there’s the rim of the Cornucopia.  I know I’ve seen it before and it’s not original, but I couldn’t find it today, so if you know what it is, I’d love to hear it.  Also, this fifth tile is a ZIA within a ZIA, because I tangled something that looks like something and it has an up and down .    I hope you like it and any comment you make will be very much appreciated.

Well, it’s Sunday now and I did one more, so I thought I’d throw it in just for the fun of it.  It’s drawn in sepia micron pen and colored with sponged inks in shades of brown.  I guess I was going for “shabby chic” look.  Thanks for looking.

Until next time, Happy Tangling – and for those of you in the United States – very happy Thanksgiving!!