This week, Laura Harms, our Diva, brought us a guest designer, Margaret Bremner.  Margaret is also a CZT, and a wonderful inspiration to many of us.  Margaret challenged us to do a string that had  a loop on all four sides.  This is one easy and very creative type of string with infinite variations and possibilities.  I will be using this string again and again, but for now, I have two:

Here is the first one:


Tangles: Striping, Flux, Tipple, Buttercup, Ennies, Fleurette

This string has two innie loops and two outie loops.  Fleurette was a new tangle for me.  I usually try to do at least one new tangle on all the challenges I do, since I have a tendency to use my favorites over and over again.  I saw it on Margaret Bremner’s blog article about this string and looked it up.  It was designed by Genevieve Crabbe, another CZT.  I think it’s so pretty, and I’ll be using this one more.  Another sort of weird thing about this tile is that when it was finished and I looked at it, the bottom part reminded me of some big fish, maybe a dolphin or whale,  and the buttercup part of it reminded me of bird’s wings.  So now I’m working on a ZIA that features a bird of prey with a much smaller fish in it’s mouth.  I’ll share the ZIA at the end of this post.

The second one has more than four loops, and I really liked this one the best.


Tangles: Crescent Moon, Purk, Scallops, Scrumble, Tipple, Shattuck, Shing, and Camelia

On this one I used several tangles new to me, including Shing by Mrgaret Bremner, Camelia, and Scrumble.

Here is the ZIA I mentioned before.  It’s in my sketch book.  I guess I’d have to say this one is unfinished.  I haven’t shaded it because I’m not sure if I’m going to tangle more in the background, or add colored pencils, or whatever.  It needs to sit a couple of days and I’ll come back to it later.  I showed it to my DH, and he said “Wow!  That’s cool.  But there’s no bird of prey that looks like that.  It’s a fictitious bird.”  I replied that this bird lived in my mind, and so he then said “Cool”.  He’s a sweetheart.


If you’ve stopped by to look, I’d love you to leave a comment so I knew you were here.  It always makes my day a little brighter.  Also, don’t forget to visit the Diva’s site (button on the right) to look at some of the other challenges done by all of us tangle/zentangle fanatics.  Until next time, happy tangling!