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Hi Fellow Diva Followers.  I’m afraid this one is going to be very short; because it’s Sunday night, and I want to get my entries in on time.  I missed the last couple because of other priorities, but I’m back in the groove of the challenges again.  This week the Diva gave us a brand new tangle created by her life partner and husband, B-Rad.  It is called Phicops; and it’s one cool tangle.  I have to admit I’m having a little problem getting it to look exactly like I want it to, but since there’s no mistakes in Zentangles, I’m going to post the two I did today.

Here’s the first one:

challenge-101-001And here’s the second one.


Both of these are rendered on 3.5″ tiles with micron 01 pen and shaded with graphite.  I really, really like this new tangle; but found it a little difficult to execute.  It reminds me a little bit of Angel Fish, and a little bit of Sanibelle, but different enough to be new.  I had trouble getting the top part of it to turn out the way I imagined it, and way I’ve seen (I cheated and peeked this time), that others did.  But I can’t say I don’t like these, so here they are.  To look at all the beautiful entries, go to the Diva’s CZT site, which is listed on the right.

On a personal and (hopefully) temporary note, I’m not currently able to write messages on all the websites I follow.  I’m logged in to Google, and my wordpress, both of which are options on blogspot, but when I hit publish, my comment just disappears into cyber space!  Boo!  Hiss!  I know I’ll eventually find out what I need to do, but right now it’s a real problem.  I hope that won’t keep you from leaving me a comment.  I love to make the comments and I love to get them too.


Linda Selymes, CZT10


Zendala Dare #40

First of all, I should explain that I’ve been absent from this challenge since early December.  The holidays, guests, and other priorities kept me away.  I’ll eventually go back and try to catch up because I truly love Erin’s weekly dares, and the ways it always stretches me.  This week, Erin, who so graciously gifts us each week with a new zendala template to play with, gave us a special challenge. Erin wasn’t sure she liked her template or what she did with it.  (I did, though!)  In her own words, this is what she challenged us to do:  So this week, when you are trying to figure out what to do with the template, think great big plans and make them come to fruition.  Well, I don’t know if I met the challenge or not, and I’ll admit when I first looked at it, I wasn’t sure I liked it either.  However, I tried a couple of tricks, which I’ll explain, and now I love this template, and I made three different zendalas,

I also need to explain a bit about my major choices for all three zendalas.  They are composed primarily of “Diva Dance” tangles.  That’s because I’ve been so absent lately, I never did the Diva’s 100th challenge (sob) so I decided to learn these three new tangles and use them on this dare.  What a trip!  Boy, do I love these new tangles.   So as a sideline, thanks Diva and Rick and Maria.

One of my favorite new Christmas gifts is a really quality light table.  I got a $100 gift certificate to Daniel Smith, and went shopping after Christmas.  I was able to pick up their demo 6″ x 9″ light pad, which retails for about $130 for only $79.  Such a deal.  So I copied the template on my printer, placed it on the light pad, and using a very hard pencil, lightly traced it right onto 140# watercolor paper.  So much easier than using carbon transfer which I had been doing.  The second thing I did was “squint” at the template, to see if I could leave out lines, add lines, or anything else that might qualify for “big plans” as described by Erin.  Don’t know if I really got BIG, but you’ll see that while all three use the same template, and a lot of the same tangles, they don’t look anything alike.  So here goes, in the order I did them.


Tangles: Bandola (var.); Diva Dance-Foxtrot, and some line work.

Time for another disclaimer.  I didn’t watch Laura’s video or I would have figured it out sooner, but I didn’t realize until half way through my second tile the importance of one, two, THREE, and one, two, three, FOUR, in drawing the lines.  So I guess we’d have to call this foxtrot a variation.  I still like it.  It’s all drawn with 01 and 08 micron pens and shaded with graphite.  I left one line out that was on the original template.

Here is the second one.


Auraknot, Diva Dance-Waltz, an aura around the outside, and some pearlz and beeds

I colored the background and blank spaces with colored pencils and did very little shading on this one.  This one is a tracing of the 3.5″ tile, with no changes.

And here’s the last one.


Diva Dance-Waltz, Foxtrot, Rock and Roll; Betweed, Hollibaugh

By now I knew how to do all the dances with the right number of lines between the bumps, and I really had a good time experimenting with all the ways to turn the tile.  I also added some lines to this one in sections to create the overall design.  All was done on the light pad before I started tangling.

It’s so good to be back tangling more often and entering the challenges and dares.  I missed them, and the time to look at all the other entries.  I probably won’t get through all the entries for all the weeks I missed, but I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries, and glad to be back!  I hope every one had a safe and sane holiday season, and, though it’s a little late, I wish you all blessings and great joy in the new year.


Linda Selymes