This week Erin gave us a square zendala template to try.  I wanted it to be round, so I messed with it a little bit, and here it is:


To do this, first I copied the template in a 4 x 6″ frame.  Then I drew a circle with a bowl for a template.  I put the template under the circle paper on the light box and traced it on.  Then I started tangling.  I started with Moving Day.  I guess this is a good time to talk about the “elephant in the living room”.  After drawing that tangle two times on the square, I goofed up and drew my parallel lines in the wrong orientation on the next section.  Oops!  I almost tossed it, then remembered there are no mistakes in Zentangle, so I repeated that “tangle” on the fourth side.  This tangle has no name.  I looked all through Linda Farmer’s web site, since I figured it’s so simple someone must have done it, but I couldn’t find it.  If anyone knows what it is, I’d love you to tell me.  If nobody has done it yet, I guess I’d probably name it Oops.  I decided I wanted an opposing square, so I put the template and the zendala back on the light box, moved the template around to get the second square, and traced that in.  I filled those four corners with Rick’s paradox.  Then I added Betweed in the corners of the original square and in the middle of the piece.  Added some Fescu, some line work, a few orbs, and did an Ennies variation around the edge, with an aura, and then shaded.  For such a large zendala it didn’t take that long.  The finished piece is about 7″ square.

A little aside.  I’ve missed posting several dares and also challenges from the Diva.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t do them.  I have had plenty of time to draw, mostly sitting in a hospital where my sister has been, first in intensive care with Septic Shock, and then treatment for pneumonia, flu, and urinary tract infection.  Now she’s in rehab, too weak to come home, but will probably get out next week some time and I visit her every day.  So, while I’ve had time to draw, I’ve had very little time to upload, write articles, and comment.  Things should get better very soon.

If you feel like making a comment, I’d surely love to read it.  Happy tangling everyone.