I have missed so many challenges I was determined not to miss this one.  The Diva challenged us this week to “Get Rid of the Box”.   The intent was to do something we have never, or seldom done.  I tried several things on paper first; but I had to admit that I wasn’t really even out of the box with those, since I’ve tried so many different papers, colors, sizes, etc.  I did start one that I didn’t finish, that had a bunch of kind of eerie creatures on it, but wasn’t exactly thrilled with the way it was coming out.  I put it aside and then came up with an “aha” moment.

I had asked for a pair of canvas sneakers for Christmas that I wanted to tangle.  My sister couldn’t find canvas, so she got me Keds, and while I’m sure they aren’t leather, they have a smooth leather-like surface.  That qualified for getting rid of the box for me.  I only have one shoe done so far, and here it is with it’s mate.


I used a .4mm Sakura Pigma Sensei pen to do the tangles, and then  green and pink Copics alcohol markers to color everything.  My little attempt doesn’t even begin to rival the gorgeous ones I’ve seen online at etsy shops, but it will have to do for my first one.  I’m not sure the pen I used is the best for this project but it was what I had.

The wrinkled white fabric the shoes are sitting on will be my next “get rid of the box” project, although it won’t get done in time for this challenge.  It is a huge white apron I bought at Joann’s some time ago with the plan of  painting it.

I just love the Diva challenges, and the different things that artists come up with is always amazing.  Be sure to stop by the Diva’s website (grab the link on the right) and look at all the great submissions.  That’s where I’m headed.  Thanks for stopping by, and if you leave a comment, I would love it.  Happy tangling, everybody.