What a great challenge!  Mooka was the second tangle I learned in April last year when I first discovered Zentangle.com.  I was totally new, and I watched the Betweed video and learned that one, and went on to the only other video at the time, Mooka!  I loved the organic smooth look of mooka immediately.  However, it didn’t always love me back.  I’ve always had trouble with the really smooth lines that are close together, parallel, and equidistant.  However, that has never stopped me from using Mooka, although, I don’t think I had ever done a monotangle of Mooka before.  So here goes:


Both of these are done on a single 3.5″ x 7″ scrap of watercolor paper.  For the zendala I used a wine glass to draw a circle before I filled it with wine.  I roughly divided it into eighths and then drew a mooka in each section.  It is  shaded with graphite.  The second was drawn as a border with black fill around the edge, graphite and prismacolor shading.   Those two went very quickly, so I decided to do another one.

I’m taking Genevieve Crabe’s class on hand drawn mandalas.  So I used some tips she teaches to draw the next drawing by hand.

challenge-111.1This one is approximately 8″ round.  I’m not sure it actually qualifies as a monotangle, since I used some tipple fill in the mookas in the border.  This one took a while to shade and fill, and my Graphic 1 pen ran dry, and I had to finish with an 05 Sakura.  I also used a white Sharpie paint pen for the dots around the center.  Time consuming, but I’m happy with the outcome.  I’d love to hear your opinions if you have time.  But whether you have time for that or not, don’t forget to go to the Diva Challenge website (link on the right) to see all the gorgeous eye candy.

Until next time, Happy Tangling!