This is the first post I’ve made that wasn’t a response to either a challenge or a dare.  I’m working on my blog to make it compatible with advertising classes and events now that I’m a CZT.  For this first post, I’m going to shamelessly try to increase readership of my blog by offering a bribe – uh, I mean, “giveaway”.  More later in the post for how that will work.  This is the first time I’ve tried something like this.  What I’m trying to get out of it is increased readership and opinions about a series of ZIA’s based on a single original.  I’m going to frame one of them, and I can’t decide which one.  I have solicited opinions from my family already, and no two of them agree, lol.  So let’s get to it.  I’ve numbered each version to make it easier to tell me which one you would pick.

Version 1


Tangles: Ragz, Veezley, Shattuck and a var., Hollibaugh, Zander, Meer, Nzeppel, Betweed, Ixorus, Umble, Buttercup

This is the original I drew and shaded.  All other versions will start with a copy of this ZIA, which measures 8.5″ x 11″ and is drawn on 140# watercolor paper.  Tangles used are shown just below the original.  If I add tangles to other versions, I’ll mention in there.

Version 1A


Just for fun, I turned the drawing into a negative in Photoshop.

Version 2


On this version I printed the original shaded ZIA (version 1) onto a sponged and watercolored background I had previously done and saved but made no other changes.

Version 3


I converted the shaded black and white version to a .png, and copied it on top of a scrapbook paper.  Then I added a bit of blue and green color inside the drawing with prismacolor pencils.

Version 4


For this one, I again used the shaded original, and copied it onto a mottled grey card stock.  I added some pearlz  in one of the sections, and white highlights with a chalk pencil.

Version 5


I finally started adding more color.  I took an unshaded copy of the original and colored it with prismacolor pencils on 140# watercolor paper.

Version 5A


Again just for fun, I added a black background in photoshop.

Version 6


And finally, I went back to the colored copy and tangled the rest of the page.  Tangles on the outside are: Z-trek, Cornerz, Zoya, Twile (also named Stoic by ZT), Neuron, Lucky, Hollibaugh, Knightsbridge, and River rock.  In the “Lucky” section I also added a few little drawings I’m working on.

I hope I haven’t left any of the tangles out of my descriptions, and you enjoyed seeing them.  This project provided me with a number of hours of fun and relaxation.

Now on to the give-away.  I have an extra set of Zakura 01 colored pens, shown below.  To get in the random drawing (once I figure out how to do that), all you need to do is leave me a comment and tell me which one of the examples you like best.  One of them is going to end up being framed and hung on my wall, but I need some help in deciding which one that will be.


Comments are always welcome and appreciated, but to be included in the drawing, please comment on or before Saturday, April 6.  The winner will be announced on April 7.  Please be sure to let me know how to get in touch with you so I can get your mailing address.  Or you can stop back by on the 7th when I announce the winner, and if it’s you, send me an email at

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Easter to each and every one of you, and keep tangling!