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This week, Laura Harms, our Diva; asked us to do a tile using a blind string.  That means while we can draw the dots and rectangle with our eyes open, then we are to draw the interior string with our eyes wide shut!  I did two of them, and they are below.  Note that the “string” image on the top is not exactly like the actual tile.  That’s because my lines were so light they wouldn’t copy, so I had to produce a facsimile.


For this one, I used only two tangles, a hybrid of Fife, because I drew it on a grid; and Shattuck.


For this one, I thought the kindest thing to do with the string was to cover it up, lol.  Fortunately that wasn’t too hard, since I had used a very light touch when drawing it.  The main tangles are Mumsy, Zinger, and Flux.  Not sure what to call the other little lines.  The border was an afterthought to cover up my rectangle, and I guess it’s a hybrid of beadlines.

I’ve been kind of hit and miss about doing the challenges lately.  I hope that now things will settle down and I can participate every week.

I love to see your comments if you have the time; and I want to say thank you for those of you who have graced me with your comments on previous posts.  Now I’ll head over to the Diva’s sight and look at what my compatriates have submitted.


Laura Harms, our wonderful Diva gave us a special string challenge this week.  This one is really fun for me, and also pretty easy.  You start with a square, put another square inside it, then another, and another… get the idea.  I’ve done two already, and am working on a ZIA, but I didn’t want to wait to post.  So, here they are:


I just noticed that the one on the right is more like “rectangles inside a square”.  Oh, well.  I still like it.  Hope you do too.  I’d love it if you have time to leave a comment.  Now I’m off to comment before I finish my ZIA.  If I get it done in time, I’ll post it later.

Well, I got my ZIA done, and I’m calling it “Paradox and then some” after a very informative article written by Margaret Bremner.  It can be found on her website here


Tangles: Footlights, Fife, Lainie, Verve, Diva Dance, and Paradox

I got the idea for this while I was drawing the one on the right above.  I started with a big square, about 6″.  I used a ruler to place the four dots in the corner, but from there on, everything was drawn free hand.  I placed the pencil “X” in the corner so I could keep track of where I was, and where to start the next round of paradox since I did this one round (square) at a time.    When I got close to the center I went back to a real square to make it parallel with the outside square.  It was lots of fun to do.  I actually did a similar ZIA last year when I had only been tangling a couple of months.  I thought I’d post it too, just to show any newbies that you don’t have to be really good at this hobby to do a piece that’s presentable, but practice will help create improvement.

paradox zia

I did this one before I had learned much about shading, which glares at me now, but  I sure was proud of it when I finished it then.  I’m glad I kept it so I can see how I’m improving, lol.

Happy Tangling, everybody.



And the Winner is…


This is my personal favorite…my vote didn’t count in the poll.

Sorry this is one day late.  Had some challenges yesterday and couldn’t write a post.  This will be a short post, but there’s a couple of comments I want to make.

First, let’s announce the winner:  Cheryl Rotnem!  I left her a message on Facebook on how to contact me so I can mail the prize to her.

Second:  As a way of increasing readership, this didn’t work very well.  However, I’m really glad I did it anyway.  I learned a lot, which is explained below.

Third:   Favorite art to hang is in the eye of the beholder.  I should have already known that.  There was no resounding preference at all.  No single version got more than a 20% vote.    Here’s how it came out.

Version 1 – 20%

Version 1A – 20%

Version 2 – 20%

Version 3 – 10%

Version4 – 0%

Version 5 – 10%

Version 4A – 0%

Version 6 – 20%

Now, guess which one I’m going to hang?  ALL OF THEM, LOL.  I’m going to do an ensemble wall in an alcove which shows them all.

Thanks for playing along with me in this fun little project.

Until next time, happy tangling!


This week the Diva, Laura Harms, challenged us to use a tangle designed by LeAnn, also known as Ledenzer.  LeeAnn is one of the tangle artists that I truly admire for her beautifully flowing art often with mesmerizing use of color.  When I first saw this tangle, called Tuxedo, I didn’t think it looked like LeeAnn.  However, when I saw what she had done with it, I saw how she had incorporated it into her gorgeous style.  I have to admit, that at first I had a lot of trouble with this tangle.  I could do steps 1 through 3 just fine; but when I tried to do the circle shapes in steps 4 and 5, it just didn’t work for me.  I filled up a couple of pages of paper trying to get something that was minimally acceptable to me.  Finally, I decided to try straight and only slightly curved lines in steps 4 and 5 and it finally came together.  Once I got the flow of it, I really liked this tangle.  It has many possibilities for tangleations.  Here are the first two I did after my “aha” moment.


The one on the left is a 3.5″ tile and the one on the right is 3.5″ x 9″ on a scrap of watercolor paper.  A serendipity on this one is finding LeeAnn’s bracelet tangle which is in the lower right corner.  I wasn’t totally satisfied with this piece, because I thought the composition was unbalanced, but it did give me a chance to practice Tuxedo more.

Here is my favorite which I did next.  I call it Tuxedo Pieces.


It is partially colored with Prismacolor pencils and also shaded with graphite.  To demonstrate the versatility of this tangle and what can be accomplished with fill, shading, and color, here is what this tile (measuring 9″ x 3.5″) looked like after it was drawn but not filled or colored.


I think it could even be colored to look like stained glass; although I didn’t try that on my tile.

Thanks to Laura for hosting these wonderful challenges.  Thanks to LeeAnn for providing us with a wonderful tangle to learn and play with, and thanks to all who have graced me with comments on previous posts.    Oh, that reminds me.  I am hosting a give-away of some colored Sakura pens on a previous post, and there’s still a couple of days before I do the random drawing.  If you are interested, go here, and leave a comment.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week, and now I’m off to go leave comments on this challenge.