This is my personal favorite…my vote didn’t count in the poll.

Sorry this is one day late.  Had some challenges yesterday and couldn’t write a post.  This will be a short post, but there’s a couple of comments I want to make.

First, let’s announce the winner:  Cheryl Rotnem!  I left her a message on Facebook on how to contact me so I can mail the prize to her.

Second:  As a way of increasing readership, this didn’t work very well.  However, I’m really glad I did it anyway.  I learned a lot, which is explained below.

Third:   Favorite art to hang is in the eye of the beholder.  I should have already known that.  There was no resounding preference at all.  No single version got more than a 20% vote.    Here’s how it came out.

Version 1 – 20%

Version 1A – 20%

Version 2 – 20%

Version 3 – 10%

Version4 – 0%

Version 5 – 10%

Version 4A – 0%

Version 6 – 20%

Now, guess which one I’m going to hang?  ALL OF THEM, LOL.  I’m going to do an ensemble wall in an alcove which shows them all.

Thanks for playing along with me in this fun little project.

Until next time, happy tangling!