Laura Harms, our wonderful Diva gave us a special string challenge this week.  This one is really fun for me, and also pretty easy.  You start with a square, put another square inside it, then another, and another… get the idea.  I’ve done two already, and am working on a ZIA, but I didn’t want to wait to post.  So, here they are:


I just noticed that the one on the right is more like “rectangles inside a square”.  Oh, well.  I still like it.  Hope you do too.  I’d love it if you have time to leave a comment.  Now I’m off to comment before I finish my ZIA.  If I get it done in time, I’ll post it later.

Well, I got my ZIA done, and I’m calling it “Paradox and then some” after a very informative article written by Margaret Bremner.  It can be found on her website here


Tangles: Footlights, Fife, Lainie, Verve, Diva Dance, and Paradox

I got the idea for this while I was drawing the one on the right above.  I started with a big square, about 6″.  I used a ruler to place the four dots in the corner, but from there on, everything was drawn free hand.  I placed the pencil “X” in the corner so I could keep track of where I was, and where to start the next round of paradox since I did this one round (square) at a time.    When I got close to the center I went back to a real square to make it parallel with the outside square.  It was lots of fun to do.  I actually did a similar ZIA last year when I had only been tangling a couple of months.  I thought I’d post it too, just to show any newbies that you don’t have to be really good at this hobby to do a piece that’s presentable, but practice will help create improvement.

paradox zia

I did this one before I had learned much about shading, which glares at me now, but  I sure was proud of it when I finished it then.  I’m glad I kept it so I can see how I’m improving, lol.

Happy Tangling, everybody.