This week, Laura Harms, our Diva; asked us to do a tile using a blind string.  That means while we can draw the dots and rectangle with our eyes open, then we are to draw the interior string with our eyes wide shut!  I did two of them, and they are below.  Note that the “string” image on the top is not exactly like the actual tile.  That’s because my lines were so light they wouldn’t copy, so I had to produce a facsimile.


For this one, I used only two tangles, a hybrid of Fife, because I drew it on a grid; and Shattuck.


For this one, I thought the kindest thing to do with the string was to cover it up, lol.  Fortunately that wasn’t too hard, since I had used a very light touch when drawing it.  The main tangles are Mumsy, Zinger, and Flux.  Not sure what to call the other little lines.  The border was an afterthought to cover up my rectangle, and I guess it’s a hybrid of beadlines.

I’ve been kind of hit and miss about doing the challenges lately.  I hope that now things will settle down and I can participate every week.

I love to see your comments if you have the time; and I want to say thank you for those of you who have graced me with your comments on previous posts.  Now I’ll head over to the Diva’s sight and look at what my compatriates have submitted.