Well, it’s Monday already and I haven’t posted my Zendala Dare for this week yet!  Erin provided us with another beautiful template to play with.  Here ‘s the first one:


This one is full size.  They take longer to do, lol.  I also had a lot of down time trying to decide what tangles to put into this.  Here’s what I came up with from the outside in:  N’zeppel, Beeds and some line work, tipple, Fescu, and the inside I guess is a variation of Fricle.


For the second one, I did a zendala size tile and added color with prismacolor pencils.  Inside out the tangles are: Drupe (a variation , Antidots, Flora (I think), a variation of Flux, and the very outside is another variation of Fescu.  Both were fun to do once I got over the frustration of what tangles to use.

I can hardly wait to see what everyone else did.  I hope you’ll let me know you stopped by.  All comments are greatly appreciated.

Until next time, Happy Tangling!  Linda