The Diva challenge this week is very special because it was suggested to Laura by Rick and Maria.  It was directly inspired by this post on the Zentangle Blog where Rick and Maria showcase some gorgeous pieces where the black and white are evenly distributed throughout the tiles.  Hence, the title, “Ebony and Ivory”.  When I first read about this challenge, I thought “this is a piece of cake.  I love bold and I love contrast.  What fun!!!”  Well, let me tell you something – easy it WAS NOT!  I tried several different things, and wasn’t really satisfied with any of them.  I can’t tell you why, except that none of them had the ethereal, lovely look of the tiles Maria did.  What does that tell you? I was comparing my work to another artist’s work and I came up really, really short.  I didn’t figure this out until I was totally done, and was ready to write this post.  It’s a common mistake, but I especially need to get over it.  Also, need to get over the fear of criticism, or that nobody will like what I did.  You know how I determine if anybody liked it?  If they made comments, I figure they probably liked it; if they didn’t, I figure they were too polite to tell me what they really thought, so they just said nothing.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but in the interest of growth, (and getting rid of the lump in my throat and the knot in my stomach, I figured I needed to be honest.

Okay, enough of that stuff!  Now I’ll show what I did.

This is actually the very first one I attempted.  I thought it was pretty good at the light and dark contrast, and I’m not really sure why I didn’t like it much.  I think it’s the string I didn’t like and maybe the size.  Plus I thought it looked a little like a deformed monster with a big wide open mouth, chomping on my variation of Quandary!!  (Actually, having written that down, I now see how hilarious that is.  I made a monster, LOL


Tangles: Archer var., Slante, Knightsbridge, Flux, Strircles, Bunzo, Quandary,Keenies

Finished size of the first one is approximately 9″ by 3.75″ drawn on good quality vellum scrap.

This next one is drawn on an official Zentangle® tile, and I enjoyed drawing  this one more, and also liked it more.


Tangles: Knightsbridge, Striping, Black Perlz, Beeds, Bronx Cheer and Stipple.

So that’s my two entries for the slide show. Here is one more scan of a ZIA I did just for fun.  It is 5″ x 7″.  I found a very simple clip art kitty, used it as a model to sketch a kitty, and then tangled it.  I’ve seen some really cool abstract paintings in colors of cats and dogs and I thought it would be fun to do one tangled in black and white.  What do you think?


That’s it for this week’s challenge.  If you leave me a comment I will read it and appreciate it.  Until next time, Happy Tangling!


Note:  I had to come back and make one more comment after reading Chris’s (Tangled Up in Art) comments on her blog entry about dealing with criticism.  I have her book and I think it’s wonderful.  I’ve learned a lot about shading from it.   I wonder at people who make cruel remarks that have no redeeming value.  I actually love to get constructive criticism; words that would explain how I could improve or make something better. You have to wonder what kind of demons or rage control the folks who just seek to destroy another person’s confidence.  Having said that, I need to remember that NOBODY can hurt my feelings without my PERMISSION!  Right?  Right!

More hugs to all you wonderful folks!