I finished one zendala early this week.  I may do more, but I’m posting this one now so I can start commenting.  The earlier I start commenting, the more I get to see before the week is out. I really like Erin’s template this week.  It has so many possibilities, I’m sure I’ll have to do at least one more.


Tangles Used: Gneiss, Crescent Moon variation, miniature Flux variation, and Betweed.

I’m ok with this one, but I have a couple of ideas I think I would like better, with more contrast.  I really like bold, and contrast, or really organic and swirly.  This is kind of in between.  I hope you’ll let me know you were here.  Comments make my day.


Okey, here is the second one I did.  I started it on Sunday and finished it on Tuesday.  This one was done in several sittings.


While I was working on the first one, I thought it would be fun to see how this template would look using Paradox.  I kind of like it.  I did have to add a couple of lines to each section to make Paradox work the way I wanted it to.  Here is a scan when it was partially done where you can see the added lines if you compare it to the original.


It was actually pretty easy, even though it was time consuming.  Hope you like it.