Rick and Maria recently released a blog post and a newsletter,  both of which showcased a technique they named “Grid (un)Locked.  The idea is to take a single square with a drawing in it, and see what it looks like when you string them side by side in a grid.  The Diva has chosen this subject for this week’s challenge.  That was very timely for me because I had already begun to play with this idea in my moleskin journal.  However, I hadn’t found anything original that suited me yet.  I kept playing and this is what I came up with.  It has two unnamed original (I think) squares and a version of the one that Maria numbered I1.


I can’t say I’m really excited about this tile, or my grid work either, but in the spirit of Zentangle® I’ve posted it anyway, and I’ll keep trying to find new grid tangles.  One of the thoughts I want to play with is to take an existing tangle which is NOT drawn in a grid (for instance Paradox or Betweed, and see what it looks like in a grid.

Here’s the pages from my moleskin book where I played with the two squares I developed to use in the tile above.


Later in the day I had time tp play a little more, so here is another one.  I learned a lot about the grids that Maria drew on this one.  For instance, A1 + A2 = A3.  Also, A2 is Cubine before shading.  How cool is that.  I think somebody is going to need to name some of these, huh?  Rick….?  Maria……?


Grids: E4, A3, G3. Also Mooka and some bubbles.

Also, I should mention that I’m leaving early Thursday (June 13,) for a week of fishing with all my children, grandchildren, sister, brother, and two nephews.  There’s about 20 of us who’ve gone every year at the same time for over 40 years.  (Well, some of them haven’t gone 40 years, one of us is only 18 months old, LOL.)  I’m looking forward to it. Both my husband and I have our birthdays while we’re there.   We are going way up in the mountains and there isn’t any cell service, let alone wifi.  So, I’ll be back next Wednesday when I’ll be submitting everything late.  Hope you all have as great a week as I will!  🙂

I will now head on over to the Diva’s website to see what other artists came up with.  Thanks, Laura and Rick and Maria for always challenging us to think outside the box.  Thanks for stopping by, and as always,  your comments are welcome and appreciated.