I shared these two new (I hope) tangle patterns in a post about the Diva Challenge on grid seeds.  I developed these in response to that challenge.

The first one is based on a parquet floor pattern, and I named it Tequarp, which is an anagram of Parquet.  I have to admit that pattern names are hard for me to remember, because they are so abstract, but in keeping with the zentangle® practice of not having patterns represent anything in particular, I didn’t name it parquet.  If you have seen this pattern before somewhere else, or if it’s a close tangleation of another pattern, please do me the kindness of letting me know.  It WILL NOT hurt my feelings, and I don’t want to steal anybody else’s work.  Thanks in advance.


The next pattern was developed at the same time as Tequarp.  Maria’s post on “Grid Seeds” was very inspiring.  I don’t normally try to come up with original patterns.


I had a lot of trouble naming this one, but finally settled on “Yevaw-X” which spells Wavey backwards.  Again, it anybody knows of a pattern that already exists, please let me know.  I admit it looks a little familiar, but I didn’t see one on Linda Farmer’s web site.  No way could I research all the other places patterns are displayed.

I had fun doing these two, and I hope they will be used by some people.  I’d love to see what you do with them, and if you leave a comment and a link, I’ll definitely go look!.