Laura Harms, our Diva, recently took a short trip with her family to the Calgary area, which as you may know has recently been severely damaged by heavy floods.  She suggested an “Open” Challenge, where there are no guidelines except that we think of  Calgary as we do it.

I watched the video in Laura’s post, plus some pictures and articles on the web.  I wanted to do something positive, focusing on healing and restoration.  The idea I came up with was “rainbows”.  I found a photo online of a starburst of all the rainbow colors and used it as a background for a monotangle of Quiltz, designed by Kym Barlow.   This is a tangle I’ve been wanting to try.  .  The rainbow colors remind me of the dove, olive leaves, and rainbow in the Bible.  Also new beginnings, restoration, and good luck.  The “Quiltz” tangle reminded me of the support and succor given by generous people to disaster victims by donating money, blankets and quilts, clothes, food and other things.

Here is my interpretation, and I hope you enjoy it. It is post card size, 4″ x 6″, and  I added colored pencil in places to emphasize some parts of the tangle.


I hope you’ll leave a comment to let me know you stopped by.  Don’t forget to go to the Diva Challenge site (grab the link on the right) to see all the eye candy this wonderful group of talented artists have left there for your viewing pleasure.  Until next time, Happy Tangling!