I’m excited to show you a few Zentangle® tiles done by Will Hughes, who just happens to be my nephew.  Will is a third year PhD student and associate instructor in Literature at UC Davis in northern California.  He was in Washington for Thanksgiving last year and attended a class I held the day after Thanksgiving.  In two hours I taught him six tangles and here is the tile he completed.


As you can see, he has a real knack for tangling.

He seemed to really enjoy the Zentangle® process, so for Christmas I gave him some Zentangle supplies and a book and he just took off with it.  While he doesn’t have a lot of time in his busy study and teaching schedule, he says he tangles whenever he gets a chance.   He’s back in Washington for a summer visit and we tangled yesterday.  Here are a few of his tiles.


Actually this tile was done  in California.  I showed him how to draw a zendala using a wine glass as a template, both for the circle and to get six equidistant sections.  He did such a great job on the tangles.

These next two he did yesterday sitting at my kitchen table.


For this one he drew Phicops as a string and then filled each section with a diffeent tangle.  Clever idea.

And here’s my favorite.  I grabbed it before he even had time to sign it.


It’s so symmetrical and he certainly has some artistic genes he didn’t know he had.

I guess I just wanted to give him a venue for showing off his talents, and I wanted another opportunity to mention to my readers that if you don’t try it, you won’t know if you like it!

Until next time, Let’s Tangle!