This week is “Use my Tangle week; and Laura challenged us to use Socc, by Erin Koetz Olsen, the CZT who runs the zendala dare at  This is a tangle I had never drawn before, and it took me a couple of times of practice to get the strokes right.  It is quite dramatic, and I must have been in a very organic mood this week, which you’ll see in the tiles I did below.  Here’s the first photo:

Both of these tiles are drawn in Sakura Micron 01 pens on a 3.5″ zentangle tile.  The left tile is really quite simple, with Socc in the middle, and Flux variation and a big flower (ala Sandy Bartholomew) on the outside, with a single aura around the whole tile.  The tile on the right starts with Socc in the middle also; but then I added several Bronx cheers (only one of them is covering a booboo).  I also included a couple of lonely Socc squares, a partial of the official ZT tangle, Sampson, a few individual ennies leaves, and some embellishment type of drawings also from Sandy Bartholomew.

Then I did a 5″ square ZIA colored with Tombow Irogiten colored pencils.

This tile starts with a small rectangle in the center of Socc, surrounded by  variations of Crescent Moon and a variation of either Ennies or Flux (take your pick).  The border is Tideberry by Sandy Bartholomew.  Between the border and the main part of the piece are Baseflake and Flake by Sandy Bartholomew from Yoga for the Brain;  and some small Printemps and a few orbs.

Hope you will let me know you were here.  Hey, I got done really early this week.  Also, stop by the Diva’s website (see link on the right) and take a gander at all the lovely eye candy.  Until next time, Happy Tangling!